What Is Vanilla Highlights Blog?

Vanilla Highlights Blog is a home to Inspiration, Lifestyle and Wellbeing with an overall vibe of positivity. Aimed at a female audience ages 10-21 but everyone is welcome! Here you will find advice posts to inspire young woman, interviews with empowering & beautiful ladies, fashion photoshoot posts to show style, as well as fun lifestyle posts. At Vanilla Highlights we encourage all girls to know that it is great to be yourself and not let anything stand in the way of your goals. Founded in January 2015 by Melinda Verity, VHB has steadily continued to grow and become a place of happiness.


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Who Is Melinda Verity?

Melinda Verity, better known as Mel, the creator and writer of Vanilla Highlights Blog is a seventeen year old New Zealander. Mel has always been passionate about design, media and online websites + blogs. She tries to keep her blog a place of positivity and be an online role model standing strongly for all round equality. Mel is a vegan, animal activist and eco warrior. With a love for photography, DIY and wellbeing she is happy to share her passions online to encourage others to try new things.

Enjoy your stay at Vanilla Highlights Blog and don’t be shy to get in contact.


-spread positivity and stay awesome 

have a chat :))

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