Christmas Cooking Countdown // VEGAN

Hello lovelies!!

Surprise, it’s only 10 days until Christmas!! I live in New Zealand which is in the Southern Hemisphere so here it’s summer. Because I am vegan each of these recipe ideas will be vegan. Don’t be afraid to make them if you aren’t vegan, they all taste great and will be a hit on christmas day! Sadly I am not able to make the recipes myself because I currently don’t have ingredients, but I have tried them in the past! All credit to the blogs linked. My blog post is sharing 5 vegan summer christmas recipe ideas! One drink, 2 savoury meals & 2 sweet. This post is a collaboration with Confetti Blog on instagram  so for 5 more amazing Christmas inspired recipes head over to her blog.


Christmas Salad: 


Salad is always full of nutritious and delicious ingredients, but this one is just a winner. It’s also easy to change up with just adding anything else you have in your fridge or pantry. Salad’s are super great for a summer Christmas, give it a go!! Click on the photo or click here to be taken straight to the blog with the amazing recipe.

Avocado Pasta:


This is dish is probably my favourite because avocado and pasta, 2 of my favourite foods! Super healthy and super tasty, it’s a win win. Green is great so don’t be afraid also that makes it totally Christmas themed!! Again click on the photo or click here for the recipe.


Cherry Watermelon Sorbet:


I love making my own fruity sorbet in the summer and this one is awesome and Christmas styled. Naturally sweetened and coloured, you’ll fall in love with it! Click on the photo or click here to check out this recipe.

Chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies:


Peppermint is definitely quite Christmassy and these cookies very delectable. I change quite a few of the ingredients in the recipe for the cookie so I’ll tell you what I do. I use cacao powder, cane sugar, coconut oil and you could use mashed banana if you don’t have apple sauce. Definitely try making these, but leave some time because the dough has to chill for a few hours. Click the photo or click here to go to the recipe.


Frozen Hot Chocolate:


In winter christmas countries hot chocolates are definitely popular but frozen hot chocolates are the way to go for summer. I love this recipe, it’s honestly so good!! Just letting you know that I use cacao power, not cocoa powder. Give it a go by clicking the photo or click here.

I hope you try out some or all of these great recipes, if you do tag me in a photo of them on instagram @vanilla.highlights . Make sure to head over to Confetti Blog and check out her post with 5 more christmas themed foods. Have an amazing day!

-spread positivity and stay awesome

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