Live Happily // Tips To Success

Heeeeey everyone!!

I realised that I hadn’t done a lifestyle tips post in since forever!! So here’s a collection of things that I have figured out that can help you feel happier and are just fun. I have learnt so much about myself and others during this past year. I’m a type of person that enjoys doing things that are potentially thought of as ’embarrassing’. I definitely like fun crazy situations more than being in formal occasions. I think that happiness is one of the main things in life that everyone wants and needs. This list could go on forever!

Don’t care what the mean people think

Compliment yourself daily, no matter how hard it may be

Dance in public

Step outside of your comfort zone

Eat what you want to eat

Wear clothes for you, not anyone else

Accept compliments given to you

Pick yourself up if something doesn’t go your way

Be with people that make you happy and encourage you to be better

Do something each day that makes you happy

Accept and be nice to everyone

Make a fool of yourself

Be a positive role model

Realise that it is ok to be just you

Make others happy

Share positivity

Love all living things

Try new things

Give people compliments

Don’t put anyone down

Block out the hatred

Make the most of everyday

Try apply these to your everyday life, i’m sure it will brighten your day! Have a wonderful rest of your week and I will be back here with another post on Sunday!!

-spread positivity and stay awesome

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