Are We Good Enough? // Society Standards

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been planning this post for quite a while. I haven’t done a relatable issues kind of post since October! I seriously love writing these because I get so much positive feedback but they take a lot of effort and time to write as I need to get my ideas and point across fully and the correct way. Hopefully I will be starting a series called Society Standards, carrying on from this post with other topics. If you have any topic issue requests for me to address please get in touch with me through the comments section, email or instagram.

We live a society that is all about looks. There’s a kind of perfection set by media, famous personalities and even set by our own selves that we are made to live up to. Why is there a checklist guideline to a so called perfection? A perfection where all that matters is how you look and what others think of you. When really we need to be content with ourselves and not mind what people may say. The perfection advertised really is quite impossible and anyway why copy?

We all struggle with self love problems and the feeling that we need to judge ourselves because we aren’t as pretty as the famous personalities many people dream to be. This is why idols and having the right friends is important because they all influence us. I am saddened but it is fair to say that I have rarely ever, possibly never,  met a person that is fully and truly content and happy with everything about themselves. But isn’t that sad? Isn’t it horrible that we let others hurt us with their words, making us feel like we aren’t good enough. Isn’t it horrible that we stare into the mirror telling our minds what we dislike about ourselves. Pulling at skin on our bodies that the medias perfection says shouldn’t be there. We are all beautiful, every unique trait about ourselves is amazing. If we were all the same don’t you agree that our society would be very dull.


We don’t actually need any rules on how we need to look or act. Just look how you want look, what ever comes naturally to you. And if that means wearing make-up that is totally fine, if you’re doing it for yourself because you enjoy it and not because you’re scared of others judgement. Act however your emotions tell you to, don’t force yourself to always be happy or always be sad. Learn to manage your emotions and keep it balanced.

‘Flaw’ is actually a word that I dislike. It’s a word that many people use stating that people are ‘flawless’ defining that there are no ‘flaws’. The meaning of ‘flaw’ is imperfection or fault and we all have our own ideas of what perfection and imperfection is. But really what is a flaw or fault or imperfection? A spot, someones size/figure, a scar? Personally I think none of the above or anything else along those lines is a flaw. Those things are unique features that makes you, YOU. So don’t worry! The definition of perfection that I like is explained in my Loving Yourself post which I still believe. I think these days many words are used in the wrong context which gets very confusing and sometimes they come out as hurtful.

Everyone should feel great and safe to be able to be who they want to be. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you aren’t beautiful, aren’t smart or aren’t worth it. Your self worth doesn’t equal how many friends, likes or followers you get. Self worth is exactly what the word states, SELF. It is all and only about you and how you feel. Don’t let others cruelness effect how you feel about yourself. Please only surround yourself with people that make you happy.

Do what you want to do, be who you want to be, love who and what you want to love, look how you want to look. So be you and stay true. With nearly everything in life someway or another you have a choice. The choice to make a change or be a follower. You are good enough, we all are!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all could take something from this post whatever it may be. Love you all so so much, have a wonderful week and I shall be back mid week with another post!

-spread positivity and stay awesome

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