Q & A 2 // #AskMel


Today’s blog post is my second #AskMel Q & A. Again on Instagram I asked my followers for some quick questions. Thanks to everyone for all the great questions! Also please download this app Flippy, it is so much fun and great to entertain with friends! Click here to download it!! Short intro because there’s quite a few questions to get through so lets get on with the post:)

Q & A || #AskMel

Q. i_am_millatheblog + wolfyblogger + oliviachurxh: Why did you start blogging?

A. I want to be an inspirational role model for others. I want to let out all my thoughts and help people while being able to discuss them and learn new things. Blogging has brought me so much and it’s just so worth it. 

Q. jemma_rosex: What is your favourite thing to do in winter? 

A. Where I live we get heaps of snow so I love to go outside and enjoy it. Sledding and building things is probably my favourite. But also winter photography is very beautiful.

Q. bbb.blog + elizabethandher: Favourite thing about having your account/blog?

A. Being able to reach out to people all around the world. I love making people smile and being a a good role model through social media. Also being able to write out and share my thoughts.

Q. tropical.bliss.beachWhat do you love about New Zealand?

A. I LOVE THE NATURE. I’m so grateful that I live in a place where I can step outside into so much nature and open space. I really hope NZ does improve on keeping our gorgeous environment pure.

Q. theworldandtwogirlsDo you have fun blogging?

A. Yes of course!! If I didn’t I obviously wouldn’t still be here. Starting a blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Q. girlcalledlucyIf you could live anywhere where would that be?

A. Well probably in a vegan food truck;) But really I’m so happy that I’ve grown up in NZ but I would love to live in Iceland. I’ve always been fascinated by the environment there. I also love San Francisco because I’ve actually been there and it is amazing!!

Q. halohellobonjourWhat are your favourite animals?

A. I love all animals!! But my top are probably cats, dogs, whales, frogs, geckos and leopards.

Q. beautyxchaseWhat are your favourite names?

A. This is something we discuss very regularly with my friends. Mia, Maisy, Carissa, Savannah and Dylan for girls. Dallas and Cooper for boys.

Q. kateemay: What’s your favourite shop?

A. Every single craft shop! I love spotlight because that is the main one near where I live.

Q. kateemay + justabitbeachy + jasminehakim: What are your favourite songs?

A. I’m currently obsessed with every song on Meghan Trainors new album Thank You. Honestly they are so fun and have such exciting rhythms. 

Q. muchlucyDescribe life in 3 words.

A. Adventurous, engaging and Stressful.

Q. justabitbeachyFavourite magazines?

A. Frankie, Yen and craft magazines. Just like every other blogger hahaha.

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite movies?

A. I have soooo many favourite movies. We Bought A Zoo, San Andreas, If I Stay, The Other Woman, Crazy Stupid Love, Christmas Eve and Love Actually. Honestly the list could go on forever.

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite books?

A. I do read a lot, but I don’t know if I actually have any exact favourite books. I love books written by bloggers, vloggers and inspiring people. I read wayyyy too many vegan food books, YUM. But I love a good romance, comedy or action styled book.

Q. justabitbeachy: What camera do you have/use?

A. I use my iPhone5s and Olympus OMD

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite item of clothing?

A. Right now I love the sweater I received from Popcherry. I can’t stop wearing it!

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite gift you have ever received?

A. Hmmm probably my Macbook Air because otherwise I would never have started a blog!

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite time of the day?

A. 1:30pm SCHOOL LUNCH TIME. Otherwise for the weekend probably 10am or 2:30pm or late evening.

Q. justabitbeachy: Favourite hobby?

A. Blogging, photography, crafts, running and acting.

Q. aandacouture: Favourite make-up products?

A. I really ever wear make-up. I do like nice cruelty free lip balms and lip sticks.

Q. theblankdiary: Favourite day of the week?

A. Probably Fridays and Saturdays. But if its the holidays then everydayyyy.

Q. sahndy: Play any sports?

A. Not really anymore, I just enjoy running.

Q. elizabethandher: What is the best experience that you have had so far with blogging?

A. Being able to talk to and meet amazing people. I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I have gotten from blogging.

Q. miniandmoo: What is your favourite brand?

A. Probably Cotton On, because that counts for all the clothing and Typo!!

Q. artisticanimalblog: How has blogging helped you?

A. I have gotten so much more confident with myself. I am much less shy and blogging has definitely helped me grow as a person. I am able to express myself and be the enthusiastic self that I want to be, because I have learnt that it is OK to be you.

Q. inthesejeans: Do you have any tips for receiving more followers/likes/getting features?

A. Be original! On social media to stand out you have to be creative, different and have your own personal style. Make online friends so that you can help each other out with getting noticed.

Thats as many of the questions I’ll answer for this post. Thanks for reading lovelies, have a wonderful evening and I shall be back here on Sunday with another post. Sorry I’ll be missing the mid-week post this week because I’m gong to be super busy!

-spread positivity and stay awesome

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