Write With Me // Random Words

Hey there lovelies!

This post is very random as I had nothing prepared to post for today.  Earlier this morning I asked my instagram and snapchat followers for some totally random words. I got a huge bunch of crazy words so I won’t do all of them. Basically I’m going to like write the first thing comes into my head or just something random for each word.

CAT – I loveeeee cats, I’ve got one black cat and her name is Cupid. One of my favourite animals!

OCEAN – Last year I did my speech on Ocean Pollution because it’s something I’m super passionate about. I think all of us actually need to realise that our oceans and whole planet is unhealthy. We all need to do something about it because every effort you do helps.

BEAUTIFUL – YOU GUYS!! You’re all so beautiful!

CLOUD – I love them! There’s just something about them, like I’ll always wonder.

EGG – I’m vegan so I don’t eat eggs. But I see you JESS 😉

PARADISE – Somewhere that is very special to you. I don’t think I’ve found my paradise yet. TRAVEL BUDDIES ANYONE??

GLITTER – One of the most beautiful crafty things everrrrrr.

FAMILY – I think of y’all like you’re my family. My blog family, and we are a pretty cool bunch!

LIFESTYLE – Food: vegan eater, Hobbie: blogger, Values: everything equality, Work: year 12 student / IT IS WORK OKKK.

UMBRELLAS – Just did a photoshoot with our big rainbow umbrella last week. I love rain but umbrellas are pretty cool too.

FOOD – Vegan nommiessss. I’ve been really getting into baking and cooking my own food from scratch, so feel free to request any recipes!

ANIMALS – A lot of the time I love them more than people. I’ve always been an animal nature girl.

PINEAPPLE – YUMMMY but pronounced pinipple in my world hahaha

BUNNY – One of my favourite animals, I used to have bunnies and ah they are just the sweetest.

PLANNER – Blog post planning!! I’m trying to get into the swing of pre planning my posts properly instead of just typing random ideas for posts on my phone.

EMMA – EM MY SALTY BABE. Hahaha love youuuuu!

LAPTOP – My blogging home! I’ve got a macbook air, it’s kinda broken.

CALIFORNIA – A fun place I went to in 2011. It’s really hot there and I don’t like hot weather but I’ll probably go back sometime.

BANANA – My favourite food ever, as well as kumara’s! But honestly being vegan I have found out how such a versatile food bananas actually are. They are in nearly every recipe I make.

FAIRY FLOSS – Pink sugary sweetness. Old fashioned fairy floss on a stick is the cutest thing.

BUBBLEGUM – I don’t really have bubblegum, but I do like bubbles.

AWESOME – A word I say approximately 273 times a day and in every instagram caption.

BUBUSHKA – Also a very great word. Yet in Russian it means grandmother, I don’t use it in that context. The word though, it just sounds so funny.

STICKY NOTES – Expensive small pieces of paper with a sticky strip. I love them, but I usually make my own.

ELEPHANT – An honestly beautiful animal which I haven’t seen up close lately.

LEMONS – Sour yellow fruits, fruits? I don’t even know. But what I do know is that Shay Likes Lemons.

SLEEP – Something I would love to get more of hahaha, I miss my bed.

CORN – YUCKKKKK, definitely one of my least liked foods!!

CREATIVE – I like to consider myself as a creative person. I’m really hoping to have a career in the creatives section.

APPLE – Apple food, apple laptops. Both very crunchy.

Hello, if you made it this far! That was probably the oddest post I’ve ever written but it was fun. On hopefully Wednesday I have an exciting post coming.  Hope you have an amazing week.

-spread positivity and stay awesome

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