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hello lovelies!

Since I started blogging I have always wanted my blog to be somewhere that’s inspiring with advice and lots of fun stuff going on. I had a plan to do a blog post like this months ago and I promised I would do once I had more of a following. Now here it is but I’m only answering a wee few for this first post! So I asked my wonderful Instagram followers to send in anything they needed advice on.

In my opinion I think that talking what’s going on can help but I know how it feels when you have no one to trust with those secrets though. So I will always be here for each and everyone of you, no one deserves to suffer alone. I’m going to start doing posts like these frequently so at anytime you may Instagram DM, twitter, email or iMessage me anything you need advice on. Anything from friendships, confidence, acceptance, drama or blogging, just anything!


Emma asked: 

“How to confront someone in your friendship group about their actions?”

If your friends are doing something that you don’t believe is right, TELL THEM! Now I don’t know exactly what your friends actions were but if you have a stable and trusted friendship you should hopefully easily be able to approach them and ask them to stop and think about what they’re doing. I know sometimes that this can be hard to actually confront your friend of wrong doing. But if you think what they’re doing is wrong, definitely tell them and let them know about a different perspective. GOODLUCK xx


“Help with loving yourself”

In October I posted a Loving Yourself post but I feel as though I really want to write a new one. I personally think the first step to be able to accept and love yourself for who you are is confidence. The confidence that you’ll be okay what ever happens. The confidence to actually tell yourself that you look nice today or congratulate yourself on how you did on a school test. Don’t put yourself down and don’t let others make you feel like you’re not worth it. It will always be hard to love yourself so take small steps. Don’t worry about what the standards say or what people think. Just know that you are enough and you are wonderful.


“How to accept yourself?”

Again with this question, I personally think this ties in with the confidence. Confidence is sometimes hard to find but once you know how to be the right type of confident go ahead and be it! Don’t worry if you don’t look like the girls on Instagram because it is okay!! You are you, the only you! Don’t be afraid to accept that.


Bess asked:

“I need help with gaining Instagram followers!”

I get a lot of messages asking about this nearly everyday. You guys are so cute telling me that I’m famous hahaha yet I am definitely not, but I do have a few tricks that should be helpful for gaining loyal followers.

Post 2-4 times a week. It’s up to you how often you post but you need to keep your followers interested and lure more in.

Get involved with other Instagrammers. Make friends because you can help each other out! You could try starting competitions too.

Give shoutouts and get shoutouts, but always ask politely! Follow lots of inspiring accounts that may also follow you back. Post photos that make you happy and are taken well. Keep your account a positive place and show your true self. Remember to never get too caught up in your amount of followers because we are all equal people whether you have 86 followers or 6742. Do social media because you love making people smile not because of the fame.


Marni asked:

“How not to stress as much and not to worry?”

I myself am I BIG stresser and worrier. But I do have tips to try and be more calm in the situations that get your mind in a jumble.

Just sit down and take time out. Reflect on how you really have been feeling and what got you into this state. You can talk about it in your head, to someone you trust or write it down. Then free your mind, just think if nothing or something that makes you happy. Don’t let the negative thoughts stay in your head. Stay organised with what you have to do. Try meditation because it is great at relieving stress or anxiousness.


“How to get more people know about your blog?”

SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Now I know that there’s a lot of mixed views on it now but it does just depend on the individual and how they choose to use it. Personally I think social media is a great way to grow your blog audience. The apps I most recommend are Instagram & Twitter for firstly growing your audience. Then Snapchat for once you’ve got your audience and also YouTube is great if you’re into that kind of thing.


“How to get work done and not procrastinate?”

lol I’m also a procrastinator but I am improving. Try set yourself your own goals like lots of small ones to reach a point on your homework project before the actual due date. Reward yourself! That will give you the motivation to get your work done. Organise your time and try make what ever you’re working on fun.


“How to make a synchronised Instagram feed and knowing if a photo goes with it”

Well I’m definitely not the person to ask about Instagram feeds and themes. Because I suck at keeping them dang it! Try having a limited colour pallets and edit your photos with all the same filter. Post photos that click together and not all out of place. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look how you planned because it’s a creative concept and all good things take time.


Ava asked:

“How do you keep up to date with your blog?”

Well I’m definitely not the person to ask about this haha oops. I’m such an irregular poster. I wish I had heaps of time to post but the truth is I personally just don’t right now. My advice would be just simply ‘balance’! You need to balance blogging with school and all your other commitments. Basically my key to blogging balance. It’s up to you what you put first.

I hope you all found this helpful and don’t forget to send in anything you need advice on! I’ve got so much planned for future posts, so stay tuned because its going to get exciting. Have an amazing weekend darlings xx

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  1. Amazing blog post as usual Mel! You literally have the most amazing blog ever! I do wish you would post more frequently but I understand that that isn’t convenient for you which is fine! It just makes each post extra special!


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