Q & A // #AskMel

hey there my wonderful VanillaBeings!

blog post 2 days in a row, because school is starting back soon there may not be many blog posts. plus guess what!!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, i’ll be turning 16 so this post is pretty special! hopefully I’ll be wiser next time we speak but probably not haha.

a long time ago I asked YOU all on instagram to come up with some creative Q&A questions. I got way too many to answer in one post so I will have a part 2 and 3 sometime or else in a fun youtube video!

Q & A || #AskMel

Q. GeorgiasOnline: When did you start blogging?

A. Vanilla Highlights blog just had its one year anniversary on the 12th of January 2016, so just over one year now!!


Q. BobbleGaryBlog: What is your favourite type of cloud?

A. Thats a hard question because clouds are just so beautiful and fascinating, maybe the cirrus clouds because they are fluffy and cute.

Q. How many pies can you fit in an elevator?

A. Hmmm depends on the elevator and pie size but maybe over 2000

Q. How do you think you would react if aliens invaded the earth?

A. Well in a zodiac sign fact of aquarius I would be one of the first to get abducted apparently. 

Q. If you were a tree what type of tree would you be?

A. I’ve always loved everything about willow trees. they just go with the flow and i love the branches and leaves.

Q. If you could put one word in the dictionary what would it be and what would it mean?

A. Thats an awesome question but super hard to answer. I think I’ll have to think about that one. actually a few weeks ago I was thinking of making my own dictionary of words that i can make up hahah.


Q. KateeMayWhat are some tips to become a successful blogger?

A. Well I definitely don’t think of myself as a successful blogger at this stage but one thing i do see that a lot of professional bloggers have is ‘originality’! to stand out in a crowd you have to be creative and have strong interesting ideas.


Q. MathewRolle: What’s on your iPhone?

A. For christmas I received an iPhone5s after having my glitchy iPhone4 for 3 years, I will finally be able to have IOS8/9!!! I’ll update you what I have on that phone in another post. on my iPhone4 I mostly had photo editing apps, it was only 8gb so I couldn’t fit that much on.


Q. AlongSideLola: Favourite clothing brand?

A. Probably Cotton On, a lot of clothing is from there because we barely have any cool clothing shops down here ugh!

Q. How did you gain so many followers, any tips on how to grow my following?

A. I get asked this question very often but to be honest I don’t really know but I don’t want it to be all about how many followers I have. stay active on your account and be an active follower to others. comment on lots of other bloggers accounts and they will notice you. I personally give a lot of shoutouts and receive many in return. a lot of accounts dislike giving shoutouts but I just love to help other bloggers grow there accounts so I don’t mind. just have fun with your account and show passion, you’ll be sweet!


Q. Clear.WatersWould you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?

A. Well this is interesting, probably bees because I’m not allergic or anything and i love bees!!

Q. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

A. I can never answer this question because i just LOVE both and all animals.


Q. WildLivingBlogIf you could only eat one food what would it be and why?

A. Interesting question, well my top favourite foods are kumara, lettuce & avocado. but I will choose kumara because omg I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t eat it!!

Q. Whats your all time favourite colour and your least favourite colour?

A. PINK PINK PINK!!! and least favourite is probably some types of purple ahahah pretty weird because people give me a lot purple things but I just don’t really like it lol.

Q. If you were a dog which breed would you be and why?

A. hmmm I have a pet border collie and we are both hyper so I’d probably be a border collie too.


Q. JulesAcrossTheWorldWhat would you like to achieve with your blog or achieve with it in the future?

A. I love this question!! I would love to move to a self hosted blog so that i can get many more opportunities. It would be awesome to collaborate with lots of brands and successful bloggers. A dream would be to have blogging as my job and also open an online shop and travel the world holding workshops and giving speeches. Plus of course grow my blog to a very wide audience!


Q. LexiiTheNewtWhat’s the one place you would love to travel to and whats the best place you’ve been to so far?

A. I would love love love to go to Iceland, its just so beautiful there and I love cooler weather. I have been to America which was amazing but we also go to Australia quite often and I absolutely love it over there too.


Q. MollyAndGizmo: Favourite bloggers?

A. notjaya.com, freshlypickked.com & taramilktea.blogspot.com

Q. Favourite TV shows?

A. Scream Queen buddies!! but I also love ‘Parks And Recreation’ & ‘Girl Meets World’!

Q. Who is your inspiration?

A. Definitely Jamie McDell, I have been a fan of her for so many years and I just love everything she does for the marine environment and her music is the best!


Q. TotallyTiannaBlog: How many photos do you have on your camera roll?

A. 1126 which is heaps compared to on my old iPhone4 because it was only 8GB and my new iPhone5s is 16GB yayyy.


Q. QueenAnnaBlogWho is your favourite celebrity?


Q. Favourite TV programs?

A. ‘Scream Queens’, ‘Parks and Recreation’ & ‘Girl Meets World’.

Q. Favourite colours?

A. Pink, mint. silver, yellow and peach.

Q. Which place in NZ do you want to visit the most?

A. I’ve always really wanted to go to Coromandel!

Q. Where in the world to you want to visit most?

A. Iceland or Bali!!

Q. Whats your tips for studying?

A. I love to use lots of different coloured highlighters because that works well for me and I like making sticky notes of quotes or facts to remember and stick them in around my bedroom.

Q. Favourite song?

A. This is also on the list of one of the hardest questions ever so click here for my spotify where I love making playlists.

Q. Favourite movies?

A. So heres my list: We Bought A Zoo, San Andreas, If I Stay, The Other Woman, Crazy Stupid Love, Christmas Eve, Love Actually and The Peanuts Movie!! the list is growing hehe.

Q. Whats the best thing about school?

A. Well well well definitely friends and lunch time hahah!! nah well I loved social sciences, art and science last year.

Q. Whats the best thing about christmas?

A. Hands down TINSEL and a lot of y’all know that, coming from the tinsel queen herself hehe!

Q. Best thing about blogging?

A. I love the feedback I get from my posts! when I know that one person loved a post I am filled with joy. I also love all the amazing opportunities that come with it and chatting and meeting with other awesome bloggers.

Q. If you could meet one person in the world, who would it be?

A. I’ve already met you harrisanna heheh;)

Q. Where do you think your blog will be in 1-2 years?

A. Wow I really don’t know but hopefully I will still be blogging then. If I am it would be awesome to be on self hosted and collaborated with lots of amazing brands and bloggers. hopefully I will have travelled and met some more bloggers.

Q. Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

A. Hmmm well in ten years time I will be 25 turning 26 tomorrow! hopefully I will be married in my own home and maybe with kids, I want kids but I just don’t know when because it all depends. I’m just going to go with the flow and see how my life turns out.


Q. ABunchOfIvyBlog: Pick up the closest thing next to you, what is it?

A. Hahah my phone because I’m reading the questions off it to type them on my laptop.


Q. Fabuluhs: Embarrassing moment?

A. A few years ago in primary school I blacked out doing the horizontal bungy so that was pretty embarrassing and its also my near death experience.


Q. Love.Life.Love.Unicorn: Why did you begin blogging?

A. I wanted to express who I am and have blogging as my safe place. I’ve been through a lot of bullying these past few years but I have had a passion to help & inspire others. blogging is just so fun and I love it.

Q. What’s your motivation to continue blogging?

A. Well I don’t know how much longer I’m aloud to continue but my motivation is definitely you guys! you are all so supportive and I love you all for always being there to chat, being my blog and having my back.

thats the end of my first Q&A which is so so late to arrive and I’m sorry its so long. there will be more Q&A’s in the future because I have heaps more questions. good luck for school starting very soon. I hope you enjoyed this but see you all soon when I will a 16 year old human being ahhhh!!

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