Advice For School // collab w. Katie

hey lovelies

so sorry to burst everyones bubble but school is nearly back *oh no Mel please no* !! I don’t want school to be back as much as the next person but it’s upon us guys so we need to get prepared!

a couple of days ago I received my NCEA results and I am so pleased to say that I passed NCEA level one!! (only kiwis will understand what that is and i’m bad at explaining so you can Google it if you are interested) if you don’t pass with over 80 credits you have to repeat the year level again. I’m going into year 12 this year which isn’t the last school year here in NZ guys, I’ve still got year 13 too but year 12 is the hardest to pass. sorry for blabbering, let’s get on with this post.
this is a Collab with the lovelie Katie from KatieCosmeticBlog so definitely follow her on instagram and read the ’10 things to know before high school‘ post on her blog!
I’ll be talking actually writing about advice for school but more the social side and about yourself, rather than study tips or how to get prepared.

make friends: surround yourself with people who are good influences towards you. you should all feel equal in a friendship, there should be no leader or a better person between you all. make sure you have a couple of really close friends that will always have your back and you actually feel safe sharing secrets with them. I also think it’s great to have a lot of other friends/acquaintances so that you have buddies in classes and you can chat about other things. especially when theres drama between you and your best friends.
keep your old friends if you are still going in the same direction because you’ve got history together. but if you’re in a toxic friendship get out of there! don’t let ‘friends’ put you down or force you to do things you know you shouldn’t do. school is great for learning social skills and figuring out types of personalities.

make the most of school: school isn’t forever and a lot of the opportunities you get now won’t be available later. the big wide world is going to throw you around and you can’t show any weakness. school is like preparation for the world on your own, school will always have your back unless you’re a rebel and get expelled so thats a bad plan. learn all you need to know but have fun, we are all still young so don’t waste this time. also please don’t start drama or get stuck in drama. yourself and people around you will just hurt and its usually over a silly little thing so don’t waste your time and just work it out.

be confident: be the best you yourself can be. everyone loves people that aren’t afraid to be outgoing and try new things. confidence can be hard to find in yourself if you are scared of what people may think of you. don’t worry though because usually everyone is just caught up in theirselves and don’t really care so just go be you! there are also over confident people which is someone you don’t want to be. over confidence can make you feel like you are aloud to boss others around because you think you’re better than them. find the right mixture of confidence and modesty.

I know a lot of you are starting at new schools this year and I definitely know how scary it can be especially when you don’t know anyone which I’ve had to go through twice. but if you are open to new experiences and new people you’ll be sweet.
so that was three different pieces of advice and tips for the school year. I’ll be back throughout the year with different styles of school related blog posts. good luck with the new school year!
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