Happy Birthday VHB

today is Vanilla Highlights Blog first birthday! HIP HIP HORRAY!!

one year ago today I started my little happy place with small intentions to sweeten the interweb but also with big big goals. once known as Melzblogvibes (oh gosh why😂) for a while, which luckily later changed to Vanilla Highlights Blog, here we are and what a ride it has been!
from starting with only a couple of passer by random readers I now have over 1000 of you beauties subscribed to my blog, plus over 3300 gorgeous followers on Instagram and I could not be more grateful. oh my gosh you guys have been by my side through everything. each and everyone of you are amazing, I love you all very very much.
I would like to think that together we have created a big happy friendly blogging family and community.
we have had bad blog posts and amazing ones. ugly instagram photos and gorgeous ones. blogging is a learning process but it should always stay fun! I’m still having fun and I hope you still are too because my first plan was to only blog for 1 year (if I actually enjoyed it but don’t worry I do) wow time flies.
I would still call blogging one of my biggest passions and I would hate to let you all down and just disappear.
I think I’m going to keep blogging if that’s okay with all of you😝 blogging has taught me many things and I want to keep learning. hopefully in 2016 my blog will grow even more.
I want to move to a self hosted blog which is happening quite soon we think;)
thankyou to everyone who has read a post and a huge thanks to everyone who read a post, clicked subscribe and has stuck around on this crazy journey!!
love you all sooo much for everything on this one year anniversary of Vanilla Highlights Blog!
talk to you soon my darlings x
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