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hey everyone

last weekend my sister and I did a little photoshoot on the farm, which was super fun! heres a few of the photos she took of me.

I have to admit that i have always been conscious about my face and body but i’ve come to the fact that most people are or have been at some time of their life. i have been bullied for a few years because of how i look and especially because of my ‘unnaturally’ skinny legs. but thats just how society rolls at the moment yet it should not. lots of people look down on and hurt others because… actually theres no reason, no one should do that to people! it’s horrible to suffer and feel alone in times like that.

since i changed schools this year i am getting less hate ( well at least i hope and think so ). i am beginning to feel more confident and not minding what people will say about me. another reason why i started my blog ( established . january 2015) was to overcome the way i looked at my self after what people had said to me. i am so so grateful for all of you. i have had a lot of compliments about myself, my personality and my blog. it has all made me feel so much better about my self. so now I’m here to inspire and help all you amazing people out!

I’m going to take this chance to chat with you about loving yourself ( wow i sound utterly cheesy, but its true ). Girl or boy ( cat or dog etc etc hehe ) you are all beautiful, gorgeous, handsome and stunning the list goes on and on. but i know that a lot of people only see their own imperfections and rarely look at themselves and just compliment the things they actually like about themselves. the words of everyone being perfect or nobodies perfect is always getting tossed around. so really what is the answer?

I believe that being perfect is not about how you look, it’s more about how you act, its about how you feel in your own body. we need to overcome those little things we don’t like about ourselves and just be happy that we have the chance to experience life, so the make the most of it. you don’t need to be a size 2, have DD breasts or a ‘bikini body’ to be perfect – GIRLLL IF YOU WANT TO WEAR THAT BIKINI, YOU GO WEAR IT AND ROCK IT WITH CONFIDENCE. you are perfect if you can love your self for what you were given – if you’re bigger, smaller, shorter or taller it doesn’t matter. everyone who is confident in their own skin no matter what size or facial features is perfect. so that means everyone can be perfect, you just need to accept yourself and all the wonderful things that make you.

I feel that society today with all the media showing off celebrities is not really helping teens. yes its great to have an idol, i have many. but you really have to choose who you look up to. some celebrities are sharing the right message about photoshop and natural beauty but there are definitely a lot who are doing the opposite. it is their life so they can do what they want but with all the media attention i think it kind of pushes them off the edge and it just goes all out and this affects us as the ‘social media addicted teens generation’.

with that aside. try be a role model to others tweens/teens. show them that they are beautiful just how they are and that they don’t have to change. inspire people through social media – use it for good, not bad and people will really appreciate it. i want you all to know that i love you so much. stay confident and be inspiring!

compliment people you see for their fashion style, smile, personality and everything inbetween! help that person become perfect, that friendly compliment from a friend or a stranger will most definitely make their day. don’t change your body for someone who doesn’t care about you, because haters mean nothing. if someone can’t appreciate how amazing you are just please forget about them because you don’t need that kind of negativity – babe you are wonderful! finally love who you are, do what you love, embrace everything about yourself and you’ll go far!!

i am situated a lot on instagram or through any of my social media on my contact page and I’m there to chat with you. i will also leave a contact form below which is forwarded straight to my email. i don’t want anyone else to feel alone and i need you to know that people can actually help. your amazing hunny! so make sure to send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as i can. without further adieu heres some photos from our little photoshoot and my ootd is underneath them 🙂 xx


shorts- ValleyGirl

wild child crop top- Factorie

over top- Factorie

boots- Ruby Shoes

flower tiara- Some of my friends enterprise shop for school last year – thanks girls!

also as some of you now already i am very very saddened to say that my lamb Caspar that i was mummy to has died 😥  rest in peace my baby boy xx

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all of this post was written and designed by melinda with no sponsors or help.

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  1. This was an amazing post xx and all of it was true, sometimes I’m appalled when one of my friends says “oh she’s quite ugly” about someone, because my never really thinks that, I try to appreciate beauty in everyone.. Besides there’s really no definition of beautiful. Anyway keep on inspiring x and p.s I have that wild child shirt too!!! 💕👍🏻

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  2. Nice post Mel. It’s very inspirational 🙂 The message you are sending is so important for everyone to hear and especially relevant for a lot of people I know at the moment. Also the photos are lovely.
    I’m sorry to hear about Caspar, may he rest in peace. I tried to think of a pun relating to lambs to lighten the mood but all the ones I thought of have to be spoken to work properly and the ones that work in text form are really baaaad. (<- I told you my puns were bad)
    Erin xx

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    • aw wow thanks so much girlie!! xx yeah its pretty big at the moment so hopefully i did the subject justice. yeah I’m still very sad (even though i live on a farm and it happens often, I’m a hugeeee animal lover) awww oh well haha thanks for trying though 🙂 xx


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