September Favourites

hey everyone

today I thought seems I have NEVER done a monthly faves, why not do one! It will probably be a bit messy but its worth a shot. Hopefully you might like some of my faves too!!

TV Shows/Movies:

I love watching movies but I haven’t had that much free time lately because it is nearing exams! I also just found out while writing this post that I basically watch no tv shows on a regular basis.

Scream Queens- I have been waiting for sooo many months for the first episode to come out and finally my wait was over this month! I love it already, there’s so many amazing actors and actresses. I cant watch it on tv though because we cant get Fox TV on Sky NZ so I have to use lots of websites. It is pretty much the only tv series I watch.

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery- This movie is seriously so funny! Some of it is really inappropriate though, so I would check the rating. The humour is so out there and I just can’t help but laugh at pretty much everything Austin says. This is definitely an oldie but a goodie.


Okay so I am a huge music fanatic! I have always been in love with most music genres and I am pretty much always listening to music. I play guitar and sing so it really helps for me to listen to other artists to help me make my own style. I love sooo many artists but heres some of my faves from this month.

Meg Mac- I am so in love with her unique sound in all her songs. Its just so different from a lot of artists right now. I actually get a heap of inspiration from her music.

Sabrina Carpenter- You may know of her from Girl Meets World an awesome Disney show because thats where I found out about her I think. Her newest album is just amazing and my sister and I are totally obsessed!

Alessia Cara- Okay so I have been a HUGE fan of Alessia since her early YouTube days! I was waiting for the count down of her new EP for agesss. It came out officially at the very end of August. I am so in love with it and I’m always listening to it.

The Score- Their EP was just released on the 25th of September omggg!! I was super excited because I also have been a fan of them from their YouTube and Oh My Love their single was amazing. OMGGG GUYS THEY JUST FAVED 3 OF MY TWEETS TO THEM ON TWITTER TONIGHT!!!!!! The EP is just pure perfection, I totally recommend listening to their music and all of the above.

Heres one of my Spotify playlists with my top favourite songs right now. I have many more playlists, so please take a listen. I am an obsessor over Spotify because I find so many new artists and I loveee making playlists.

Food & Drink:

We need food and drink to survive so I need some favourites of course. Heres some of my all time favourites and newly tried food and drink of September.

Waffles- Recently I have fallen in love with waffles! Yes I know they aren’t healthy hahaha so thats why I only have one weekly. But seriously they are soooo yummy.

Kumara- Totally my all time favourite food!! I have kumara all year and at the supermarket I always choose the wackiest shaped ones. Theres a heap of recipes to cook kumara. I love kumara chips and having it baked. I think it may be called sweet potato in other countries but kumara is originally from New Zealand (YASSS)!

Smoothies- I always am drinking smoothies any month of the year. The ones I make are always healthy and I’m always trying out new recipes. To be honest I spend a lot of time googling potential smoothie recipes oopsey.

Allganics Organic Iced Tea: Lemon & Black Tea- I have always loved Allganics drinks because they are certified organic (of course) and it is made right here in New Zealand. I live on a certified organic farm so anything organic always jumps out at me. This month I found an Iced Tea Lemon & Black Tea it is sososo yummy and I’m definitely addicted but thats okay because its detoxing and healthy.

Reading & hobbies:

I’m not having that much free time right now because of term four coming up with exams. I have to spend a lot of my studying and working on the farm because it is lambing season. But a lot of my extra time does go to blogging, reading and my hobbies.

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton- As well as blogging it was one of my New Years Resolutions to read this book. I am so happy that I am actually ticking off lots of my resolutions for this year!!  This book is so amazing though I am not very far through it yet because its over 800 pages and it has larger pages than a normal sized book. Its set back in 1866 in some New Zealand goldfields (I get a free history lesson hehe). It’s a really interesting book written by a New Zealand writer and it has won a lot of big book prizes.

Crochet- I am loving just sitting down and getting out all my crochet projects. I know that a lot of people think crochet and knitting are just for the elderly but I assure it is not, it’s for everyone. I am starting making more and more difficult crochet designs and garments. I am also taking orders of crochet scarves and more garments I have made so please send in your orders to and we can discuss the pricing.

Running- I actually love keeping fit and September onwards is usually the time I am at my best physical health. Because on my farm we don’t have workers and we have a huge farm its up to us kids to help out. Its spring right now which means its the busiest season on a sheep and cattle farm! This keeps me really fit because we have to run around paddocks to catch the lambs. That sounds pretty silly but if you came to our farm you will understand. Don’t underestimate the little lambs speed. They can begin to walk in 10 minutes, once they are two days old their running speed is phenomenal!

So that was the post for today (sorry I’m 2 days late as I said, I am super busy)! I hope you enjoyed this post, it was very fun to write. Don’t forget its nearly the 1st of October (wow nearly Christmas!!) so that means collab time with Dasha YAYYY! See you all then x

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