Interview With Scarlett

hey lovelies

it is definitely collab season right now because heres a collab interview with the amazing Scarlett from ScarlettTigerLilly, please checkout her awesome blog to see her interview with me! Heres the link to her very cute instagram as well ❤ it was great collaborating with you Scarlett!!

1. What gave you the idea for your blog name?
Well basically it is just name which is Scarlett and then my middle name which is Tigerlilly. I thought they sounded good together as a blog name and so now that’s what it is. Originally I had named my blog Tigerlilly Blog, but I changed it to Scarlett Tigerlilly to make it more personal and I also preferred that name.
 Scarlett Interview!!
2. Your favourite thing about blogging?
I would have to say all the wonderful blogger friends I have made! It’s so lovely to ‘meet’ other bloggers your age and get to know them, especially on the blogger chat that I am a part of.

3. What are your favourite colours?
I really love any shade of pink or blue, as well as peach and gold.

4. What is your favourite thing to photograph?
I love to take photos of the beach! Sometimes my brother even let’s me use his good camera to take some shots.

5. If you were on an island, what 4 things would you take with you?
Granted that I was able to get off whenever I wanted
  •  My dad or mum
  •  My phone or camera to take photos
  •  Food and water
  •  A tent
6. Who are your favourite bloggers?
I have many! But I definitely love- Freshlypickked, Miss Zali, Chloe Larkin, Awkward Alpaca Blog, and of course you Mel!

7. Opinions on lollies? // savoury or sweet?
Definitely sweet! I loveeee sweet food.


Thanks so much for interviewing me Scarlett and answering my interview questions for you too!

Also in Question 2 Scarlett said about the bloggers group chat! I have set up a few bloggers group chats on some social medias that are open for all bloggers to join. Please if you would like to join DM me on instagram (@vanilla.highlights) or Anastasia or  QueenAnnaBlog because we were the creators of the chats! We have Blogger Group Chats on Kik, iMessage, Twitter & Google Hangouts!
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have a chat :))

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