Problems That Bloggers Face

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this week i have been having an amazing time collaborating on a post with my blogger bestie Felicity from Little Something Simple!!! She is so amazing and pleaseeee checkout her amazing blog and Instagram. I loved collabing with you girlie and I hope we get to collab again sometime in the future.We’ve got five topics that each have an explanation and help on how to avoid the problem. So heres our post we put together which will be especially useful to new bloggers, so keep on reading!


1. Time Management : 

– Explanation : 

Sometimes my blogging life and my personal life would meet, that happens when both of them get really busy, so I end up spending more time on one and not pay enough attention to the other.

If I choose my blogging life over my personal then it doesn’t effect me much because it’s not like I am going to spend a whole entire day on my laptop or something, but when its the other way around then it does effect – when I pick my personal life over my blogging life – because in my personal life I have bigger priorities such as school, invites, etc, and this leads to ” being late “.

As bloggers it can be really hard to find time each week (or how ever often you post) to write a post. Especially when you have heaps of homework to do!

– How To Avoid : 

Get familiar with something called “drafts “, it will save you a lot of time, and if your like me – living two lives – then this method is the best and most suitable.

I save some many drafts, especially on my photography page and fashion page. With this method you can save a lot of time and also you can avoid being late.

When you get a free moment or in weekends, pre write up a few blog posts so that they are ready. You can even set them to publish and a certain date and time to save you having to worry. Try to stay focused on your homework so that then you can get it handed in quick and that means more time for blogging!

2. Bad Internet : 

 Explanation : 

I can’t explain much since the title already says it all, but all the only thing I can say is that this is a common problem that anyone can face – blogger or not – this is everyone’s worse nightmare. In addition, this problem can lead to ” being late “, just like the pervious problem.

I faced this problem twice, once when I travelled and another when I moved to my new house.

Face it we all have those days when the wifi is just not on our side and just loads super slow or won’t even work at all! Which can get really annoying when trying to write, publish + save a blog post or customising your blog. This has happened to me so many times and I loose everything I took time writing or designing.

– How To Avoid : 

Always have a back-up plan, try using your phone data ( Personal Hotspot ), a portable router, etc. Another simple thing you can do is visit places with wifi everyday to day or only when you need to.

Little tip for those who recently started a blog or whatever, keep people updated and notify them that you might be late.

If your aloud you can restart your wifi router but that sometimes doesn’t work anyway. There’s lots of wifi cafés that you could sit in, have a nice drink and spent time writing some posts. Or try write posts at times when internet is working well. A lot of times when my wifi isn’t working and I have an idea for a post, I just write it all up on notes on my phone or in the note pad I carry everywhere I go. This means that you have some posts ready if your walking past some free wifi!

3. Finding Ideas : 

 Explanation :

Mostly bloggers that have been blogging for some time face this problem because at first when they start off they have a few ideas, but later they gradually start running out so they turn to google … This is one of reasons of that led me to change my blogging style.

Sometimes you can be just stuck for any inspiration. This is a huge problem we always face so get ready to be creative. I like to be original with my posts but sometimes that is hard when you can’t think of any ideas.

– How To Avoid : 

Make a list of ideas, is the most common way to avoid this problem, if you want to avoid repeated ideas, try asking your friends and family for new and creative ideas. Or you can simply do what everyone else does and that is search for new ideas on google.

As I mentioned I changed my blogging style.

Basically one word, PINTEREST!! This is seriously the best place to find ideas for posts. There’s such a wide range of inspiration to choose from. And just the internet has lots of ideas too. I have a recent blog post live on my blog called 38 ideas for a blog post!! Also if you just randomly think of an amazing idea, I do this a lot, write it down. This is another reason why I take my note pad everywhere with me.

4. Editing ( Writing ) : 

 Explanation : 

As a blogger you have to make sure that your post is flawless and perfect, grammar wise and spelling. When I first started I didn’t realize that I would skip or forget some words. To be honest, my cousin brought that to my attention as she was reading an old post of mine.

Making sure that the font is the same and the size is also very important, especially when you change your blog’s theme.

– How to Avoid : 

Proof read your post before posting/publishing, don’t read it immediately after your done writing, wait a few hours then read it. If read straight away – after writing – then you won’t notice any mistakes.

If your in a hurry to post then get someone else to proof it for you.

5. Distraction : 

– Explanation : 

And again the title says it all … I get distracted easily nowadays, by my phone, my cat and many other things. This can also lead to being late, obviously.

There are so many things that could distract you from blogging. Felicity and I both definitely agree that fangirling is of course a very big distraction but it’s the way of life!

 How to Avoid : 

Be determine to finish something before a certain time, meaning, set a deadline for yourself and try to stick to it.

When blogging do it in a quiet place where there’s nothing to distract you. Just sit with your laptop or note pad and go for it. You will find that if you set up properly in a good environment, you will get so many more blog posts written in a short amount of time. I find playing music helps me focus but that may not be the same for everyone.

Thanks so much for reading guys, hopefully this would have helped you out. Thanks again for collaborating with me Felicity!

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