nz/aus VS u.s.a bloggers!

Here’s an exciting colab with the amazing Reagan from RandomlyReaganBlog! 

Reagan lives in America and I live in New Zealand, of course there’s a few blog posts in that. So on Reagan’s blog she has done nz/aus stereotypes VS u.s.a stereotypes.


Team NZ/AUS:

live in a small country

less cities

more natural landscapes

mostly colder weather

smaller populations

average blogger age range: 11-16

on Instagram we always like to say where we are from

blogs and blog posts are mostly created by us and are similar



Team U.S.A:

huge country

lots of cities

average temperature in most places is warm than nz/aus

big population

average blogger age range: 13-17

more youtubers than bloggers 

we only found out that Reagan was from America when she told us!

because there are not many young bloggers and mainly “mommy bloggers” there’s a bit more diversity when it comes to the blogs and the blog posts

NZ/AUS and U.S.A, the same:

we all become good friends

a lot of the same blogging ideas

lots of photography

we don’t think it matters what country any of us come from. ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind

we hope you enjoyed our nz/aus VS u.s.a posts! make sure to checkout Reagans’ blog and instagram @ramdomlyreaganblog


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