My Banana Smoothie Recipe

Hello lovelies and welcome to my first recipe post!

Its been snowing down here in Southland (NZ) so Ive been having smoothies to wake me up and get motivated in the mornings! Im fairly picky with my smoothie flavours as I am allergic to most berries (and lol I do know that bananas are berries). I really love organic vegan smoothies especially all of Organic Mechanics range. Thats enough talk, time for the recipe so here goes.

My Banana Smoothie Recipe:

Extra Info: Please double or triple ect the ingredients if your making more to share with friends


  • 1 banana- or 2 for a thicker smoothie
  • Half a cup of Milk, more if desired- Trim, blue top or soy its really up to you! I enjoy it with Vanilla Soy Milk
  • Half a cup of Yogurt- Any flavour but I think Greek or Vanilla tastes the best
  • 3-6 Ice Cubes- This is entirely up to you, the more ice cubes the colder and thiner the smoothie will be
  • 1 teaspoon of honey or Stevia


  • A blender- I use a Magic Bullet, but any brand should work
  • A knife- Don’t worry its just to cut up the banana
  • Chopping Board- To cut the banana on
  • Measuring Cup- For measuring the yogurt and milk
  • Teaspoon- To measure the honey or Stevia
  • A tall glass- I’ve been using an old fashioned milkshake glass! Make sure it holds at least 600ml
  • Straw- Paper Straw or reusable, it’s up to you!


  1. Gather together all the ingredients and equipment into the kitchen
  2. Chop up the banana and put into blender
  3. Measure out the yogurt and milk and put in blender
  4. Put in your desired amount of ice cubes
  5. Spoon into the blender the honey or Stevia
  7. Pour into your glass and pop in a straw
  8. The best step of all. ENJOY! ❤


Hope you enjoy this recipe, tell me if you try it out 🙂



    • yay it’s so tasty, it’s a pretty basic one but simple is gooood😋 tell me what it’s like when you make it Tianna x and thankyou so much for checking out my blog💕


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