Fun In Auckland

If your ever in Auckland here’s a few things you should definitely try to do!

  • Go To Auckland Zoo: I’m always up for a good day out with the animals! I’ve been to so many zoos I can’t keep count anymore!


  • Beaches: There’s a heap of good beaches up here in Auckland. Some of them are quite a drive to get to but they are really worth it! Plus guess what… beaches are free!!!


  • Sky Tower: Go up the top of the Sky Tower and see the beautiful view! It is pretty pricey but I recommend doing it at least once and going at night time is spectacular.


  • Food: There are soooo many great cafés + restaurants to choose from. Don’t go to fast foods or common ones, try out a restaurant that you can’t go to any where else! Try Elliot Stables it’s my personal favourite.


  • Shopping: There are heaps of awesome shops here! From clothes to crafts to body shops. But don’t spend all your time spending money.


  • Art Galleries: There’s a lot of talented artists out there so that means lots of art galleries!


  • Mt Eden: Have a walk up the dormant volcano of Mt Eden. It is the highest peak it the city so you can get a 360° view!


  • Rainbows End: It’s the theme park of Auckland. It’s really fun to spend a nice warm day there. Make sure you step out side of your comfort zones!

That’s only a few ideas! Make sure you research so that there is never a dull day because there is so much to experience here.

                       My Top Tips:

  1. Use public transport like buses and trains or walk!! Because they save a lot of money and are better for the environment.
  2. Spend your time wisely and make the most of it.
  3. Take lots of photos so you can’t forget the fun you had.
  4. Have fun!! 😄 




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