Tips For A Fun Holiday!

It’s the last day of the first week of the holidays! Hopefully you are all making the most of it and doing heaps of exciting things!

But if your stuck for ideas here’s a few to help you out! ❤️

  • Go For A Swim- Have a splash in a pool or lake or even a creek! Just don’t forget sunblock!
  • Camping- This isn’t for everyone but I definatly love going out into the wilderness for a few days!
  • Sleepover- This is always a must do for the holidays. Organize a fun couple of days with your besties and make sure there’s plenty of things planned that you can do.
  • DIY- Spend some time doing something crafty. There’s so many DIY’s out there you can try.
  • Tidy Your Room- This may sound so boring and it’s just something your mum tells you to do. But you can actually make it fun! Play music and have fun finding old treasures in your room. 
  • Shopping- Hit the shops and spend a bit of your cash on yourself. Treat yourself with a new outfit or some cute crafty accessories.
  • Roadtrip- Ask your parents if you can all go for a fun trip. Play the music up loud in your car and go visit some cool landmarks!
  • Something Sporty- Go for a run, bike or do a team sport. It’s all ways good to have sometime with yourself and with your friends in a team.
  • Pen Pal- Send letters to your friends with cute gifts and cool stories of what you have been up to.

I hope you like these ideas and feel free to tell me some more! Just have a good time these holidays and do the things you never have time to do when it’s school time.

Love you all xo ⛵️ MEL

have a chat :))

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